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How to rock your FINGERCOMBER URBAN FRO UNIT with a Greenhouse Treatment…

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How to rock your URBAN-FRO UNIT!! THE URBAN FRO “A Touch Of Henna” Introducing the perfect full coverage protective styling unit for fall, that you can rock with no leave out on the colder days ahead. She’s fuller and longer, and a bit softer than the classic fingercomber unit, and she can be worn with…

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FINGERCOMBER | How to rock your Fingercomber URBAN BOB Unit in a high puff!   The URBAN BOB UNIT       We’ve been working on this one for quite a while, and it’s FINALLY here. The URBAN BOB UNIT!!!!!! This unit features, Kinky, not curly, strands that are soft to the touch. The volume…

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HAVANA HAIR Fingercomber Havana Hair is a soft, yet highly textured man made hair fiber that is created to blend well with a broad range of natural hair textures. It is created to be long lasting and re-usable. It should be washed and treated in the same manner of natural hair, and it benefits from…

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THE SOF-KINX UNIT VIDEO Whether you’re in the classroom, or in the boardroom, you’ll be the perfectly polished naturalista in the new Sof-Kinx Unit.  This awesome, grab & go protective styling unit gives you the perfect Workflow-Look, in an instant!  She’s a bit shorter than the Kinky Kurl Out Unit.  She’s voluminous, kinky-soft, and at…

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The Kinky Kurl Out Unit The Kinky Kurl Out Unit is AH-MAZING!! Now this is what you’ve been waiting for and it’s FINALLY here!! This unit features Volume, Kinks, Kurls and Koils, all in harmonious natural looking blend. The volume is very natural, -not too much, and not too little, and the flexibility is amazing.…

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