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The Wash & Go Fro Unit



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    • 25 $

Due to an extremely high volume of orders, and our commitment to excellence in the production of our handmade units, orders for this unit are currently taking 2 business days for processing of payments and up to 14 business days for production. If you have an upcoming event & you know that you need your order by a specific date, please place your order in advance or take advantage of our rush service options.

Product Description

Wash & Go Fro Unit

Wash & Go Fro Unit is a Shingled Kinky Wash and Go Afro!  Layered, with kinky roots, and curly tips, this full cap unit is created with man-made, sustainable fiber, and features adjustable straps. The texture is softer than the Original FINGERCOMBER Unit.  Best of all, She’s available in COLOR!  The brand new color Moscato, is a blend of golden blonds, with a dark ash blond as an anchor.  The front of the unit is a harmonious blend of blondes, while the back/bottom is solid dark ash.  This unit is also available in our standard colors.

There are so, so many ways to rock your unit with no leave-out, year round!