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How to make havana twistsHavana Twist Hair

To create this look, start by co-washing your hair.  You may like to try Jane Carter Nutrient Replenishing Solution, or Afrigenix Berrillicious Smoothie. If you are short on time, proceed to blow dry.

1. Part your hair in 4 sections,and clip to hold.
havana hair 2

2. Use your comb to create a part that is approximately one inch wide and one inch deep.

3. If you don’t want your parts to be pronounced, don’t spend too much time on defining your parts.

havana hair 4

4. Divide the parted section into two.

5. Separate a handful of the HAVANA TWIST HAIR, use 6 strips to achieve the size pictured.

havana twist hair 6

6.Fold the HAVANA TWIST HAIR in half, and place it as pictured in picture number 6.

7. Beginning on the side closest to your hairline, twist the HAVANA TWIST HAIR in with your own natural hair, clockwise.
havana twist hair 8

8. Do the same with other half.

9. Now, begin to cross the twisted sections over each other in a counter-clockwise direction.

havana twist hair 10

10. Repeat this crossing over,down the whole length of the twist.
havana twist hair 12

11. Twist by crossing over, until you reach the end of the twist.

Repeat this step throughout the remainder of your head.

havana twist hair 15

12 -13. Repeat this step throughout the remainder of your head.

14. Use the mini rods as you would a flexirod, on the end of each twist.

havana twist hair 16

15. Very carefully (and at your own discretion, and risk) dip the ends of the hair in very,very hot water.You may want to have someone help you with this step.

16. Allow the hair to cool off completely before gently removing the foil rods. Clip any stray ends.